Some Atari Let’s Plays I’ve done

So I obviously haven’t reviewed much recently (though I’ve got a few in the pipe). As an alternative, however, I offer some videos from a recent Let’s Play channel called “The Player and the Doodler” that I’ve been doing with an artist friend, where I play a game while he draws something related to it, and we show the drawings off at the end. We’ve done a lot of older games, including many of the games I’ve reviewed on this site. Here, for example, is us playing Bruce Lee:

All of these can be found on the Player and Doodler website under the Atari category. So far the Atari 8-bit games we’ve done are Asteroids, Ballblazer, Bruce Lee, Bumpomov’s Dogs, Claim Jumper, Dog Daze, Dog Daze Deluxe, Joust, M.U.L.E., Mario Bros., Mouskattak, One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird, Pacific Coast Highway, Race in Space, Star Wars, Tuk Goes to Town, and Wizard of Wor. Check them out while you’re waiting for the next text review to pop up here!

(Note: this is different from the video reviews I did years ago.)


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